More and more colleges and universities in Madrid offer short-term on- campus programmes. There´s a growing number of students attending to summer courses while enjoying their summer break in Madrid. Summer courses are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, master´s degree students or even professionals in order to further broaden their knowledge and capabilities. These courses enable students to formulate a critical understanding of current scientific, cultural, social and political issues. Among summer courses Spanish language courses are very demanded.

Given the wide range of summer courses to choose from, what are the most important factors to consider when choosing a summer program?

 The right program for you will depend on your motivations, and what you´re hoping to get out of the experience, finding the right program will depend on your personal, academic, and professional goals. You can earn credits towards your major, your minor, or general electives while studying abroad.

 Scholarship or grant program. Some universities may offer a grant or scholarship specifically aimed at helping you pay for the summer term.

 Cost and duration of the program. Cost vary widely from school to school. Public universities generally have lower fees. The fees vary depending on the study field and the course length. Prices range from 20 € (8 hour course) to 1400 € (90 hour course).

 Location is another important factor to consider. Some of the beautiful Madrid- nearby historic towns offer summer programs. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in history and explore Madrid´s beautiful surroundings.  One of the most popular destinations is San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Click on the listings below to browse summer courses offered in Madrid 2020. By clicking on the link, you will be automatically redirected to the summer programs content or to the university homepage.

Summer 2020 courses in public universities


Complutense summer school.

More information in https://www.ucm.es/escuelacomplutense/


 Summer courses in San Lorenzo del Escorial.

More information in https://www.ucm.es/cursosdeverano


Summer courses at the Autónoma University.

More information in http://www.uam.es/UAM/Cursos-Verano-Listado/1242687777259.htm?language=es


 Summer courses at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

More information in http://www.upm.es/Estudiantes/CursosVerano


Summer courses at Carlos III University.

More information in https://www.uc3m.es/ss/Satellite/Idiomas/es/TextoMixta/1371249425825/Cursos_de_verano


Rey Juan Carlos University

More information in https://uverano.urjc.es/


 Summer courses at the UIMP. Menéndez Pelayo International University

More information in http://www.uimp.es/actividades-academicas.html


Summer 2020 courses in private universities


 Summer courses at the IE Summer School.

More information in https://www.ie.edu/summer-school/graduate-summer-school/


 Summer courses at Alfonso X el Sabio University

More information in https://www.uax.es/


 Summer courses at Antonio Nebrija University

More information in https://www.nebrija.com/universidad-internacional-de-verano-nebrija/


 Summer courses at Camilo José Cela University

More information in https://www.ucjc.edu/estudio/curso-de-verano-hst/


 Summer courses at University of Saint Louis

More information in https://www.slu.edu/madrid/informacion-en-espanol/matricula-tasas.php


 Summer courses at the San Pablo CEU University

More information in https://www.uspceu.com/oferta-academica/otros-estudios


 Summer courses at the European University of Madrid

More information in https://universidadeuropea.es/madrid/todos-estudios/todas-materias


 Summer courses at the San Dámaso Ecclesiastical University

More information in https://www.sandamaso.es/


 Summer courses at Francisco Vitoria University (summer campus)

More information in https://www.ufv.es/summer-campus/


 Summer courses at the Pontifical University of Comillas.

More information in https://www.comillas.edu/es/internacional/para-estudiantes-extranjeros/cursos-de-verano


 EAE Business School Summer Courses

More information in https://www.eae.es/


 Summer courses of the European School of Management and Business (EUDE) 

More information in https://www.eude.es/


 Summer courses of the European School of Business in Madrid

More information in https://een.edu/


 Summer courses Industrial Organization School 

More information in https://www.eoi.es/ 


 Summer courses at the Higher School of Commercial Management and Marketing (ESIC)

More information in https://www.esic.edu/master-y-postgrado


 Summer courses at ESADE Law & Business School

More information in https://www.esade.edu/es/programas/summer-school


 Summer courses at the Center for financial studies.

More information in https://www.cef.es/es/cursos-seminarios-verano.asp


 Summer courses at the Center for Postgraduate Studies in Business Administration CEPADE

More information in https://www.cepade.es/


 Summer courses at the Villanueva University Center

More information in https://www.villanueva.edu/estudios/cursos/cursos-de-verano/


 Summer courses at IMF Business School

More information in https://www.imf-formacion.com/

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