5 Tips to have a good start this university period.

During these first days of September, all universities begin to heat engines (Complutense University, Autonoma University, Polytechnic University, Carlos III, U. Nebrija), business schools where they can take a Master’s degree (EAE, IE, IEB, ESNE, U. COMILLAS …) and even public examinations preparation academies, MIR, PIR, FIR, etc … Madrid is filled with students from all over the world eager to get to know the city better and to have a good start. In MasterHome we notice this atmosphere and we want to provide our residents, and all those who have just arrived in Madrid, with some tips to make the most of your time in the best possible way at this decisive stage.

Organize your schedule. The organization of your time will be the key to your success. To achieve your goals you not only need to have time to work and study, but also to do sport activities and have leisure time. Our mental and physical health are essential to finish this academic year and meet your goals.

The estimated average class attendance rate at the University is 57.82%. It has been verified that the highest rate of students who have passed and the best marks are in this interval. It is very important to attend class whenever possible.

Use learning techniques. Using a set of activities, techniques and resources that we use consciously to achieve specific objectives is absolutely. There are different methods such as Nexus creation, Structuring, and Repetition of content. In this link you can consult more about this topic. https://www.educaweb.com/contenidos/educativos/tecnicas-estudio/conoce-estrategias-aprendizaje/

Using these learning strategies will help you gain knowledge and will make you save a lot of time that you can spend doing other activities, which is equally important.

Perform physical exercise and eat properly. Healthy eating and exercise habits during the university period stage are very important to endure the study days (especially in opposition students), avoid fatigue, and obtain an appropiate academic performance. In this link you can get more information about the ideal diet for university students. https://noticias.universia.com.ar/educacion/noticia/2015/09/22/1131485/7-habitos-alimentario-estudiantes-universitarios.html

The last point is leisure. It is very important to sign up for activities and events that make you start a relationship with other students. Learning new things and sharing experiences enriches you as a person and helps you clear your mind so you can resume work with more energy.

With these tips, you can face the School year or the marathon study sessions, in case you are a candidate, without problems. In addition, you will enjoy your free time and leisure activities. Good luck in this academic year! Enjoy this very special and important stage of your life!

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