Days of mindfulness. Changes in your life that will help you achieve your goals

Everyone seeks to improve their results, their economic status, their social relationships, their physical appearance… The way we act is often influenced by the way we feel. It has been proved experimentally that thoughts are energy, every thought has got form, quality and power. One of Shakespeare´s famous quotes was “It is the mind that makes the body rich.” The strength of our body, the vigor of our mind, success in life and the joy we transmit to others depend on the nature of our thoughts.

The University of Cambridge conducted a study with more than 600 students to know the effects of mindfulness on them and it was proven it could prevent mental illness and improve mental health. It was also observed that it had a positive effect during exam periods helping to overcome stress and anxiety.

These are the main reasons why we created mindfulness workshops at MasterHome (free event for all residents at MasterHome. Our priority is to create a homely and relaxing atmosphere were residents can achieve their goals. Mindfulness sessions will help you to develop skills to improve your memory, implement self-reflection and increase your self-control.

It has been proven that demand on mental health advice among students has increased almost 50% in recent years.

At Masterhome Residencia we suggest you some changes that will allow you to become the director of your own life


You must believe in yourself in order to succeed in life. We are conditioned by the environment, our decisions are largely influenced by what´s around us.

The need to belong to a peer group is centered on gaining support, attention and acceptance from members of the group and sharing common interests.

A sense of belonging to a social peer group can enhance students academic achievement.


To desire is to obtain, to aspire is to achieve

To save energy your brain has the mechanism to make you believe you are at your limit, when in reality you are at 20% of your maximum capacity. What separates elite athletes from average athletes is their ability to reach their maximum potential. Perseverance is the key to achieve our true potential and reach our goals.


Focus is the #1 key to success, focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear or regret.


Victories achieved by right thought can only be maintained by watchful vigilance. Many people give way when success is achieved reverting to old habits.

Never give up trying to do what you really want to do.


Meditation is the process of observing body and mind intentionally letting your experiences unfold and accepting them as they are. It does not involve rejecting or suppressing your thoughts or trying to regulate anything at all other than the focus and direction of your attention.

Mindfulness implies allowing yourself to live in the moment, to become more familiar with your actual experience moment by moment.


When we eat we put energy into our bodies. Our bodies use up that energy through everyday movement. This process manifests itself in our body through a series of chemical reactions that take place in cells with the aim of converting food into fuel. But, it´s important to note that the amount of fuel our body requires depends in large part on the activities we perform and their intensity.

We are what we eat!


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