New Project: MasterHome Residence Granada.



The MasterEducation Group is thrilled to announce its latest endeavor. Introducing the MasterHome Residence Granada, now part of the esteemed family alongside Patrocinio de San José School in Madrid, “La Enseñanza” School in Albacete, “La Enseñanza” School in Hellín, and the renowned MasterHome Student Residence in Madrid.

MasterHome Residence Granada emerges after an extensive renovation, transforming the current Colegio Mayor Montaigne into a modern and welcoming residence starting September 2024. This ambitious project underscores MasterEducation Group’s ongoing dedication to excellence in education and the well-being of its students and residents.

Setting itself apart, the group adopts a holistic approach to academic and personal development. Each institution in the group shares a unified vision of providing a quality educational environment, nurturing growth, and shaping future leaders with highly personalized attention.

The addition of MasterHome Residence Granada marks a significant leap forward, expanding the group’s successful formula to a new city. The project presentation in Granada on December 11 inaugurated an exciting journey toward excellence in student accommodations.

With a robust foundation laid over the years, the MasterEducation Group continues its commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences. The expansion to Granada solidifies its standing as a leader in education and student housing, ensuring residents receive personalized attention and find a welcoming home to focus on their academic goals.

This new chapter in the MasterEducation Group’s history exemplifies its unwavering dedication to holistic education and the creation of environments that foster growth and success. Welcome to MasterHome Residence Granada, where the future is crafted with excellence and dedication!

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