October 19. International Day Against Breast Cancer

On October 19 the World Health Organization celebrates the International Day against breast cancer with the aim of raising awareness and promoting woman´s access to timely and effective controls, diagnoses and treatments. From MasterHome we want to help support this cause.

Breast cancer accounts for about 30% of female tumors and in 2014 caused the death of 6.213 Spanish women, setting the average age of death at 70 years of age. The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) explains most of the cases are diagnosed in women aged 35 to 80 with an increased risk in women aged 45 to 65 years. The good news are  early detection of breast cancer remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control.

Día Internacional de la lucha contra el cáncer

The fight against breast cancer requires investment in research. The Spanish Breast Cancer Federation (FECMA) states in its manifesto “We support clinical trials, research and innovation because survival and advancement in personalised cancer treatment is achieved through research”.

Here is a list of patient organisations in our country that develop numerous activities to inform and raise awareness about breast cancer;

Spanish Breast Cancer Federation (FECMA)

Spanish Breast Cancer Research Group (GEICAM)

Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)

Women Affected by Breast Cancer (ROSAE)

Association of Care for Women operated For Breast Cancer (ASAMMA)

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Association (ADICAM)

 “My plan is to motivate women who are out there, who are still afraid, who still have to win the fight against breast cancer. They can do it. They can overcome this one step at a time”

Robin Roberts, television broadcaster


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