Are you searching for a postgraduate course for studying at a university in Madrid? Most universities and colleges organise different summer courses for Spanish and international students. These courses cover different areas of knowledge and the programme includes intercultural activities such as visits to companies and institutions and guided tours.

In the following links you´ll find detailed information about some of the best summer programmes offered by different universities in Madrid:

Whatever course you choose, at MasterHome Residencia you´ll find a quiet and familiar atmosphere with all necessary services to make your stay as comfortable and productive as possible.


During the academic year students not always have time to advance their knowledge, delve into different topics of interest or become more proficient in a particular field. Attending a summer course organised by different universities and schools in Madrid is a great way of achieving these objectives. Summer courses usually last 1 to 3 weeks and cover a diverse range of disciplines and subjects.

Here are our top 5 reasons to consider attending to a summer course:

  • It helps to build on skills and knowledge.
  • Improves your networking skills and professional contacts.
  • We should never stop learning: continuous learning and skill development are essential.
  • Courses cover a wide range of academic fields ad multidisciplinary topics.
  • Summer courses combine intensive learning with leisure activities.
  • Courses are taught by top professors and researchers.

Summer courses are for all students: undergraduate students, recent graduates, professionals… Because many universities and schools offer summer courses and teaching methodologies are very diverse, students can choose among a wide range of universities, courses and different ways of learning.

Summer courses are short-term courses so to get the most out of these courses, students must stay focused, motivated and engaged in the learning experience.


Summer courses are available in just about every area of study so it´s not always easy to decide where to go and what to take.

Use these tips to help you choose the course which is best adapted to your needs;

  • Look at your course prospects, assess your learning needs and decide what exactly you are looking for before applying.
  • Look through the course content and teaching methods. Innovative teaching methods help develop student´s learning abilities.
  • If you want to expand your professional network and learn from top academics and professionals, it´s important to review the experience and background of the lecturers.
  • Pay attention to the number of scheduled teaching hours and find out beforehand what a typical week will look like.
  • Don’t limit your search. Taking a summer course in a different country provides an opportunity to expand one´s field of view and it´s a great personal experience.
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